Growth Groups

In the early days Bible studies were held in the church. With the increase in church members the decision was made to form groups where people met regularly in member’s homes for fellowship and Bible Study. In the 1980’s Bible Studies became known as Growth Groups. Study material would be provided by the minister or upon approval by the minister, group leaders would choose suitable material to meet the needs of the group. This generated friendships and more meaningful times of sharing and understanding God’s Word. Over the years the Growth Groups not only met in their ‘holy huddles’ but extended their activities to organising events, attracting more members of the congregation to join the groups. One group would organize ‘Fish Braais’ on Sunday after church, another group held an annual Shrove Tuesday Pan Cake evening, while another held Men’s Breakfasts. All this brought the congregation together as a family. These events were well attended and bore much fruit, establishing many firmly in their relationship with Jesus. With the change of times some groups have disbanded while others still faithfully continue, one even after 40 years.