Youth Works

One wonders if Mrs Smart realised, when she started a small Sunday School in her home over 70 years ago, that she was continuing a work begun by the founder of Sunday Schools, an Englishman called Robert Raikes almost 3 centuries ago who was also eager that children be taught biblical truths. Nor could Mrs Smart have realised that God would use her small and humble beginnings to establish Lyttelton Methodist Church. Work amongst children has been the church’s chief agency for not only reaching and teaching children but for establishing a work for God. Lyttelton Methodist Sunday School also known as ‘Children’s Church’ grew and expanded phenomenally over the years. In the 1980’s the church had over 400 children with 54 teachers enthusiastic to teach the Scriptures and help young ones to apply biblical truth to modern living. A Sunday morning Crèche was also started to assist young parents to give attention to worship without the distraction of toddlers.

Lyttelton Methodist Church had various youth pastor over the years, with the Claudio de Jonge being brought in as a youth leader in 2015. Each new youth pastor brought a fresh appeal relevant with the changes constantly taking place in modern society, yet always faithful to the claims of Christ upon young lives faced with incredible challenges. We are indebted to ALL Sunday School teachers, Superintendents, leaders, youth pastors who ministered to our youth over the years. We thank God for their faithfulness as they assumed the important responsibility of teaching biblical truths.